Places To Retire In Asia

PANGKOR LAUT SEA VILLA 0000411_0.jpegWithout a doubt, Asia is a go-to destination for many active travelers and adventure junkies. If you are after a more mellow lifestyle, Asia is also a good place to live in.

In fact, many people can attest that Asia is a great place to retire to! You do not only get to enjoy the different cultures that Asia offers, you also get more of your money’s worth. Below are a few of the countries that you will most likely love to retire to.


A former colony of Britain, Malaysia has its colonial history as being an outpost for controlling trade and exploiting opium markets in the Straits of Malacca. In this country, you can just easily imagine your retirement as an everyday adventure.

You can wander around its cities and feel as if you are in old China here, India there and India right around the corner. Malaysia is filled with impressive British-colonial houses and buildings that serve the same function as they did hundreds of years ago.

One great attraction in Malaysia is their old Chinese shops and houses that are refurbished – painted, scrubbed, and maintained to keep its authentic and attractive look. The renovations have turned these shophouses into hotels, restaurants, community centers, private homes, galleries, cafes and museums.

There are also many many jungle parks if you are feeling extra adventurous. The best part is, their healthcare system is first rate. You can go to different destinations using their efficiently modern transportation system.

The best part about this place is the cost of living is cheaper compared here in the US. You don’t have to feel like you have to be a walking wallet to get through the day enjoying yourself. The rental fees of apartments are similar to the fees paid by the locals. You can get a 900 square-foot apartment that will only cost $450 a month. You can even hire a help and you only need to pay then $4 an hour to keep your house clean everyday!


Just like Malaysia, Thailand is also one of the countries all over the globe that has a low cost of living. Thailand boasts many stunning beaches. It is also a foreigner-friendly country. One of the most favorite destinations is Chiang Mai.

This is located in the north side of the country. If you are planning to rent on a one-bedroom apartment, that will only cost you a $330 monthly rent. A bottle of beer only cost less than $2 to. You can simply live the life you have always wanted and just relax as much as you need. Thailand has also a great healthcare system. They have modern infrastructures and a lot of amenities that fit a Western lifestyle.

The Philippines

One of the lowest cost of living countries is the Philippines – even lower that Malaysia and Thailand. Dumaguete, a university town found in the central part of the Philippines was listed as the best place to retire by Forbes Magazine.

This place is surrounded by many waters which gives every beach loving Yankee something to be excited about. Dumaguete has currently a number of 4000 expats living in it. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for as low as $200 per month. You can also buy some land for only $40 per square foot.

Retirement is one of the many things many hardworking people are looking forward to. And what better way to spend your hard-earned money to fulfill your dream adventures or dream staycations.